Operator training and technical instruction
Keeping your personnel up to date through professional operator- and maintenance training

Keeping your personnel in touch with all the ins and outs of a project is essential to its completion. What are the maintenance protocols? How can your service technicians do their job as productively as possible? How can you keep your security measures clear and adhered to? The productivity and safety of your site is essential to any project. Keeping your day-to-day operations efficient, your machines healthy and your personnel safe is what BIA Group is all about.


What we guarantee: 

  • Expert training courses in one of our 3 fully equipped training centers.
  • Certified instructors that help your personnel to come to grips with all the ins and outs of production, processes and machine operation.
  • What do we offer?
    Extensive training courses and on-site assistance


Our mechanical, technical and safety training courses consist of:

Technical and operational training

The core of your project: the people that operate your machines and make sure all processes are as efficient as possible: with the right training you can be sure that your project and the experience of your personnel keeps growing. 

Our technical development training includes: 


Courses in one of our training centers

BIA Group has 3 fully equipped training centers, developed with our trusted manufacturers. In these centers your personnel can follow extensive training programs for maintenance and repair as well as machine operation. Included are: 


  • All necessary teaching materials for theoretical training.
  • Specially developed modules for practical exercises.
  • Driving simulators to ensure full control of trucks and machines.
  • Certified engineering and technical instructors.


On-site training courses

Do you need training on the spot? Our qualified instructors will oblige you by giving extensive training on-site. That way your personnel can get used to machine operation and maintenance in a working environment. 

How can we help you?

Maintenance training

Keeping machines up-to-date by periodical checks and maintenance is essential to maximizing their lifespan. During our maintenance training courses your personnel will get to know the ins and outs of all technical repair and maintenance aspects. 

Machine operation training

Maximizing return on investment has everything to do with professional operators that are up to the task. BIA Group offers extensive training services to improve the knowhow of your personnel. 

Our certified instructors provide a theoretical background, practical exercises, demonstrations and simulations to ensure the best results. 

Safety training

Keeping your personnel safe should be your biggest priority. Only by ensuring that every safety measure is adhered to, your project keeps running smoothly and safely. Our certified instructors will teach you how to keep safety and productivity at an all time high. 

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Onze Service Centers bieden een breed scala aan diensten voor onderhoud en herstelling van al uw machines.
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