We look at financing on your own terms and conditions

Offering solutions is what we do, and that also means providing financial planning and support for our global partners. 


Our customer finance department offers relevant financial solutions made to fit your requirements. 


Want to find a solution for machinery, parts or maintenance of your assets? We’re here to help. Count on us for investment credit, trade finance, export financing and leasing solutions. 


Equipment financing and planning based on what you need

You want to develop your business under the best possible conditions, whilst keeping your projects right on track. Financial planning is key to reaching your goals. Our team of financial experts specialising in the civil engineering sector make a strictly confidential analysis of your situation. That way we can help improve your business plan, your financing capacity, and the financial development of your projects.

What we guarantee: 

  • Financial planning executed by experts, based on a thorough analysis of your situation.
  • Experienced financial experts and a large network of financial institutions specializing in the civil engineering sector.
  • Complete confidentiality and a wide array of financial solutions: lines of credit, trade finance, export financing and leasing. 

What you can expect
Equipment financing and financial planning

Every project starts with a clear plan. So does the financing part of your operations. Our experts help structure your funding requirements and give relevant and personal advice. Together we’ll find the ideal financial solution to fund your operations. Our aim? To keep your business thriving! 

Our financing services consist of:


Investment credit

Local and offshore institutions will assist you with your equipment purchases and operational expenditure related to parts and maintenance. Consider some of the options: 


  • supplier finance
  • classic loans and Buyer’s Credit
  • Leasing
  • Trade finance

BIA connects you to the best financial organisations and helps you to put together a loan application.


Trade finance

Because BIA Group works with a large number of well-known financing partners, we can offer extensive advice on your acquisition of financial products. Think of efficient structuring of deferred payments or longer-term due dates. 


We maintain strong relationships with worldwide banking networks, which are able to assist customers from the start of their operations. BIA works mainly with:

  • Letters of Credit (LC)
  • Bank guarantees / Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)
  • Avalised bills of exchange
  • Accepted Drafts


Export financing and purchaser credit

Need financing for a long-term project? 
Our financing department gathers the best institutional and banking agents to structure your export financing loans and purchaser credits. This type of structure provides access to long-term offshore financing.



From CAPEX to OPEX, leasing is a very common financing method in Europe, and it’s gaining popularity in Africa as well. Our financing department introduces you to high-performance credit agencies able to support your activities via financial and operational loans.


Let’s work together to find the ideal financing solution for you!

Our services
Why choose BIA?
Technical advice
Punctual assistance or complete service contract, BIA provides regular technical support.
Technical expertise
Our Service Centers offer a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of your machines.
BIA offers financial solutions adapted to the development of its customers' activities.
I have a project
I have a project
Equipment or spare parts? We have what you need !
I have a project
I have a project
Equipment or spare parts? We have what you need !
I need help
I need help
A question? Failure? Our experts are here for you.
I need help
I need help
A question? Failure? Our experts are here for you.