Our people

With more than 1100 collaborators operating in 36 BIA premises (offices, workshops, warehouses, service centers, technical training centers) and client sites across Africa and Benelux, BIA is a multi-cultural company with collaborators coming from 41 countries, interacting locally and intimately with its clients and partners. ​


BIA collaborators demonstrate a full set of expertise and capabilities in different fields of activities and provide its customers with a complete solution for their project development in every stage of the process.

Employee’s quotes:


"At BIA it is part of our corporate culture to try to share as much of our know-how as possible."

  • Oumar Saada, a technician with 25 years of experience at BIA.


"It doesn't matter if we are a man or a woman, today BIA offers the opportunity to evolve to everyone".

  • Marie-Jeanne, a manager (Supply Chain department)


"BIA is a company where the contact with other nationalities, other languages, other ethnicities represents a richness that cannot be found elsewhere. This is what motivates me a lot at BIA!"

  • Bangre, a senior technical trainer, 9 years of experience at BIA.


“Our Aftermarket team has a lot expertise, I learn a lot and push myself to face challenges in this quickly changing environment.”

  • Alain, a PSSO, 1 year at BIA


“I acquired a lot of hands-on experience in a variety of complex projects, this let grow my knowledge in the industry.”

  • Mathurin, a PSSR, 6 years at BIA


“We share the same values with BIA, it’s really nice to work in such company.”

  • Monique, an administrative assistant, 2 years at BIA


"Since the begging of my internship, the ideas and suggestions that I proposed have always been taken in consideration. 

I’m not considered as intern, but as a professional." 

  • Anastasie, an intern HSE