Making sure your equipment is in the best condition

With more than 20 years experience on machines and components reconditioning, BIA offers a comprehensive range of rebuild services for mining, quarry, construction and power equipment. ​Over 50 BIA's dedicated certified technicians give a new life to your equipment, to keep your operations up and running.


Equipment reconditioning and component rebuild

Keeping your projects cost-effective is only possible through the right service. BIA Group has over 50 qualified technicians that make sure your equipment is being seen to. We recondition your parts and machines and rebuild the components necessary to get the job done. 

What we guarantee: 

  • Qualified technicians that are experienced in reconditioning and component rebuilding
  • Rive rebuild centers across Africa and the Benelux 
  • Local solutions close to your operation sites 
  • Fast and cost-effective service with the highest quality control
  • In stock swing components, ready to be deployed when necessary


What you can expect:

Professional equipment reconditioning and component rebuild

Our qualified technicians help you to keep your operation up and running whilst asking the following questions: How can you reduce costs and raise the lifespan of your machines? What is the best solution according to the OEM requirements? What components are essential to make sure you stick to your schedule?


Our experts take informed action using the right information. We have an extensive track record and experience in component and machine rebuilding. 


The benefits of reconditioning and rebuild services:


Minimal costs

Reconditioning your machines and components as a very cost-effective solution as opposed to a new purchase. 


Maximum lifespan of your machines


Reconditioning and rebuilding on the right moments make sure that problems are fixed before they can endanger your project. On the other hand, the lifespan of your equipment is prolonged. 


Decreased downtime


Having to wait until a defective machine is replaced takes time and has additional costs. Reconditioning and rebuilding ensures that your project keeps running smoothly. 


Maximum machine availability

You won’t have to wait until a machine is replaced. Taking informed action means maximum use of all your equipment. 

Our services
Why choose BIA?
Technical advice
Punctual assistance or complete service contract, BIA provides regular technical support.
Technical expertise
Our Service Centers offer a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of your machines.
BIA offers financial solutions adapted to the development of its customers' activities.
I have a project
I have a project
Equipment or spare parts? We have what you need !
I have a project
I have a project
Equipment or spare parts? We have what you need !
I need help
I need help
A question? Failure? Our experts are here for you.
I need help
I need help
A question? Failure? Our experts are here for you.