We use Digital Transformation as an opportunity to enhance customer service
Data management

In response to the growing need for digitalization of worksites and mines, BIA has created SmartFleet, an Innovation & Technology center of expertise supporting customers in their development irrespective of the brand of their equipment.


The inhouse data management and fleet monitoring platform of SmartFleet associated with advanced solutions of key partners are the perfect complementary match to serve customers better than ever before. Tangible optimization of their production, reduction of costs and increased safety on site. 

Correct data inspires right decisions

The global mining and construction industry is under heavy pressure. Due to the declining ore grades, worldwide mining operations are 28% less productive than ten years ago. 


By offering you smart data management solutions, BIA Group guarantees the completion of your project as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible. Moreover, our consultants help you train your personnel and maintain your fleet. We’re a one-stop solution for production cost improvement for the mining, quarry and construction industry. 

What you can expect
Database management systems & expert consulting

Our data management & consulting services consist of:

Condition & Health Monitoring

Prevent major failures before they occur, increase equipment availability and decrease fuel consumption.


Performance & Production Monitoring 

Monitor fleet performance parameters to improve production time and avoid misuses.

Live Dispatch & Fleet operation

Optimize fleet operation with improved operational control. Autonomously calculate production and easily identify traffic planning.


Safety Systems

Ensure safe working environment with advanced feature like anti-fatigue and anti-collision solutions.


Machine Guidance & Survey

Improve operator performance and carry our works in full compliance with the initial plan.

Remote monitoring & Consultancy Services

Engineers monitor fleet parameters remotely. Proactive notifications and alerts are given to customers to optimize their operations. 

Data management
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