Sustainability is an integral part of BIA's values. We have chosen the following three pillars to focus on: PROSPERITY, PLANET & PEOPLE.

We continue the work to achieve our goals and meet our commitments. Sustainability is a collective responsibility and we are committed to continuing our work to raise awareness among all our employees and partners. 



The health and safety of our staff is our highest priority. We have a "Zero Accident" goal, and we work continuously to ensure dignified and safe working conditions. We continue to implement a system of prevention and risk management for accidents and occupational illnesses across all our entities. The results are positive with 95% of our entities without accidents at work. 


Training at the local level is essential for the community and our business. We focus our efforts on maintaining management training programs and technical training for all our employees in different countries. We have also supported education in Senegal and Zambia through collaborations with local schools, and this will be increased in the years to come. 

We respect and promote equal opportunities when hiring, both for men and women. Our goal is to increase the number of women who hold senior positions. 


We contribute to sustainability and economic growth in all the countries where we operate through the employment and ongoing training of our employees. We also support the national economy by promoting the supply of local goods and services. BIA educates its subcontractors about strict adherence to dignified working conditions, in line with our values and our desire to reduce our impact on safety, health and the environment. 


Aware of the negative impact of gas emissions on our planet, BIA is working with its customers to develop tools to improve the operational efficiency of machines and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and consequently the reduction of CO2 emissions.