Improved performance leads to reduced machine downtime!

The Komatsu Kprime tooth system is engineered for heavy-duty performance in excavators and loaders, delivering unrivaled performance with its optimized design and ingenious pin lock system. From its durable construction to its efficient tooth profile, every aspect of the Kprime system is meticulously crafted to excel in demanding earthmoving applications, making it the best-in-class Ground Engaging Tool (GET)



• Easy-to-use locking mechanism
• Convenient pry slots on tooth and wear cap facilitate the removal of worn parts
•Effortless tooth changes with a low torque pin
•Clearly marked weight indicators on all components


• 10%-15% more usable wear material for extended lifespan
• Wear indicators on wear cap and fastener for timely maintenance
• Rotatable tooth design for prolonged service life
• Extended wear life with wear material added to adapter legs
• Engineered to maintain sharpness throughout the lifespan of the tooth


• 10% increase in durability to minimize breakage
• Enhanced pin design ensures secure locking over extended usage adapters
• Experience reduced wear due to optimized design
• Enhanced stability achieved through a snug fit design between tooth and adapter


• Effortless removal with self-push-out feature
• Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by reusing the fastener multiple time without retention loss
• Wear indicator for convenient changeouts
• Simple ¼ rotation requires no special tooling for locking/unlocking
• Audible "clack" sound confirms locking and unlocking"

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